Welcome! Thank you for being here. I am inspired by several traditions, styles, and teachers including ParaYoga, ParaYoga Nidra, Katonah Yoga, Ally Bogard and my mentor Elena Brower.

My dedication to personal practice inspires my teaching which is grounded in my daily focus.

In class, we use asana and pranayama as invitations to deepen feeling while building presence, agility, and resilience. This practice asks us to introspect, building a heightened sense of awareness from which we can live our fullest lives as our most authentic selves. When we work to first become stable we can move more easily from a place of equanimity and integrity. This is as much a metaphor for life as much as it is a tool for asana. Mindful awareness gives us freedom of choice in how we think, move, and live. We work to create a balance between stable strength and deep, rest full release. This practice has shown me the importance of rest, how vital it is to our life force and fortitude. I hope sharing these practices allows others to uncover the stillness and stability within themselves.

Class Descriptions:

Dynamic Hatha

My favorite way to practice. This class is a blend of a few different styles of yoga that I love and study. You’ll generally find Katonah method, ParaYoga practices and breathwork. A strong practice, profound in its simplicity, creating balance and fluidity. We work to become more skillful in our asana, focusing the functions of poses, safe alignment and sound architecture; orienting our bodies. With that comes better awareness of breath, prana and energy. These classes are open level are accessible for all students.  The practice is great to increase strength, agility and grace, in our bodies, minds and breath.

ParaYoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra translates to sleep with awareness, it's a deep dive into the self bringing us to rest in peace and supreme stillness. Yoga Nidra is the highest practice of self care. It is beneficial for us on many levels, think; relaxing, healing and even manifesting. Yoga tradition teaches that there is a part of us that is timeless, always present and at ease, The Yoga Nidra practice. shows us that piece.  Practice consists of simple movement followed by 30 - 40 minute Parayoga nidra practice. 


Candlelit or Deep Gentle classes are time to reset, unwind and let go. Classes are meant to create a greater sense of ease and rest in the body and our minds. Emphasis is on nourishing and nurturing ourselves. We move through practice at a more gentle pace, with opportunities to rest in postures, releasing tension and relaxing heart. Often class is peppered with restorative yoga and ends with a long Savasana or Yoga Nidra.


Restorative yoga is a simple, healing and profound.  Supported poses offer us the opportunity to linger quietly and savor the simple sweetness of life, freeing the breath and prana, allowing the mind to return to its natural freedom. Classes end with a long silent Savasana or a  Short form Yoga Nidra practice. This practice always leaves us nourished and well rested.

Heated Flow

The Heated Flow class is akin to Dynamic Hatha, only in a heated room. Ample time is given to reground and reorient after creating heat and energy.

Private & Group Instruction

Private and group instruction available at your home. Email for more information yoga@verred.com

Everyone talks about the connection between breath and body, but in Verred’s classes the precise, loving attention she guides you to pay to each part of yourself truly becomes a meditation. As someone who practiced yoga and meditated for many years before meeting Verred, her subtle yet exact physical cues and teaching of relaxation, ease, and stillness are continually fresh and moving for me. Every time I practice with her, I leave feeling a great peace.
— Aliza Kreisman